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Under the visage - 8/18/10 by Paul Ben-Itzak
Will dance in Europe be enlarged to oblivion? - 6/28/10 by Paul Ben-Itzak
'Sounds' sensation - 14 years after 'Noise,' Glover debuts Chez Bernhardt - 6/17/10 by Paul Ben-Itzak
Dance Training in Vietnam – an interview with Cao Chi Thanh, Pham Ngoc Thanh and Gerald Herman - 6/12/10 by Marisa Hayes
Galvan's Apocalypse - From sandbox to coffin with flamenco innovator - 6/1/10 by Paul Ben-Itzak
Just another Sunday afternoon in Paris - 5/24/10 by Paul Ben-Itzak
Dancing above Paris - Dance a la Bellevilloise - 5/17/10 by Paul Ben-Itzak
A star is born - Akram Khan… and company - 5/11/10 by Paul Ben-Itzak
Battling the Dark Spaces - In a World of Conflict, Gerard Violette & Padmini Chettur See Another Path - 5/6/10 by Paul Ben-Itzak
Danse a la Lyonnaise - From Baryshnikov to Silk Tango: Where to see and make dance in Lyon this month - 11/2/09 by Paul Ben-Itzak
Ailey at 50: Searching for a whole lotta soul that's been lost - 11/1/09 by Marisa Hayes
In the Vein of Merce: Foofwa d'Imobilité Pedagogy - 11/1/09 by Renee E. D'Aoust
Nights of Flamenco at the Palais Royal, Quartier d'Été Festival-Paris, France - Andrés Marin-Vanguardia Jonda, José Galvan-Maestria, Rafaela Carrasco-ConCierto gusto - 11/1/09 by Marisa Hayes
Don't play hooky and hit the jackpot - France tests a new way to get students to class: Money - 10/29/09 by Paul Ben-Itzak
More than wine - A preview of dance in Greater Bordeaux, France - 10/14/09 by Paul Ben-Itzak
The coming Paris dance season: Some things old, a lot of things new, some things borrowed, and not a lot of red white and blue - 8/27/09 by Paul Ben-Itzak
"Ook"-Theater Stap-Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui-Nienke Reehorst - 7/25/09 by Marisa Hayes
Paris Quartier d'eté festival: One reason not to leave the city this summer - 7/15/09 by Paul Ben-Itzak
Travel lightly and carry a big thermos - The unbearable heaviness of leaving Paris - 7/11/09 by Paul Ben-Itzak
Jane Avril by François Caradec - 7/9/09 by Paul Ben-Itzak
For the children of today and tomorrow - Pina Bausch dead at 68 - 7/3/09 by Paul Ben-Itzak
Peeping Tom: A lesson on how to do dance-theater right in "The Salon" - 7/2/09 by Paul Ben-Itzak
Le Refuge des Fondus - Just say 'Beef'! - 6/29/09 by Paul Ben-Itzak
Ea Sola: Another dance, another lecture - 6/16/09 by Paul Ben-Itzak
Shock Treatment - Vandekeybus in Alaska - Ultima Vez performs "NieuwZwart" - 6/9/09 by Paul Ben-Itzak
Beware the Competition - Bejart Ballet Lausanne: A concourse, a murder, an inspector, suspects, an ornery dance critic…. - 6/5/09 by Paul Ben-Itzak
Do dead mimes cry? - Meg Stuart: An American indulged in Paris - 5/27/09 by Paul Ben-Itzak
Of gangs and gongs: Anthony Egea and Myriam Gourfink - "Soli 2", "Corbeau" - 5/27/09 by Paul Ben-Itzak
Say Fromage! - A tour de France in cheese - 5/27/09 by Paul Ben-Itzak
Dominique Boivin: Impossible Dreamer - A choreographic Don Q tosses spears at lights and shadow - 5/26/09 by Paul Ben-Itzak
Apparitions - The Walls of Nadja or Ghost's Skin - 5/19/09 by Paul Ben-Itzak
Beneath the Shell - Jeanne Mordoj, Kataline Patkai, Isabelle Esposito & Marie Chouinard - Reflections on forms of beauty - 5/18/09 by Paul Ben-Itzak
Out in the Cold with Josephine Baker - 5/15/09 by Paul Ben-Itzak
We have nothing to fear but fear itself - Wayn Traub's "Maria-Magdalena" - 5/9/09 by Paul Ben-Itzak
Remember his name - Juan Kruz Diaz de Garaio Esnaola in Sasha Waltz & Guests' "Allee des cosmonautes" - 5/6/09 by Paul Ben-Itzak
4th Paris Balboa Festival to be held on March 15-16, 2008 - 3/14/08 by Les Fous Du Swing
Moulin Rouge - 12/6/04 by Robert Abrams
Demonstrations of the Ecole de Danse - 12/5/04 by Robert Abrams
Adventures in Paris - the trip over - 12/3/04 by Robert Abrams
The Mysterious Past and Present of Moulin Rouge - 4/7/03 by Mila Gorokhovich
An Interview with Pascale Coquigny and Luis Bruni - 11/18/02 by Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower