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Anne Mercurio
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United States
New York City
New York
New York, NY

Dance Parade 2008

by Anne Mercurio
May 26, 2008
New York, NY
An energetic force of dance cavorted down Broadway, University and across the Village on St. Mark's/8th Street. Standing on the side, I was, thrilled by all of the variations of movers and shakers making their way downtown.

We were standing at 14th Street and University, often given full view and performance by the glittering and bass playing floats. Young dancers step into formation and jam though their set dances, modern dancers colorfully create striking shapes and poses , stilt walkers (small and large), hula hoopers, Salsa dancers, Swing dance, the Sisters in Motion (a lovely group of women roller-skating in en masse). The groups had different flavors of course and were spattered with folks performing impressive feats and costumed crusaders to legalize dancing in New York City. Yes. You heard me.


The real purpose behind this wacky and color-filled dance party is not just to boogie down the streets of Manhattan (are you surprised?) but to continue the show of the force of public dancing in New York City – a city where dancing in a bar that does not have a cabaret license is illegal.

In the City that Never Sleeps it is illegal to dance in most bars/musical venues. A friend asked "Haven't they seen Footloose??" Does anyone else see the ridiculous irony of NEW YORK CITY being in complete parallel to a small mid western town that is religiously and politically conservative to the point of choking the life out of its young?

Give your attention to the joy of these folks freely moving down the street and then ask why that joy should be barred in a venues in a city considered in some circles to be the cultural and artistic capital of the world.
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