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Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
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Argentine Tangos
United States
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New York, NY

Henri-Robert Delbeau

by Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
November 30, 2002
New York, NY

About the Author:

Henri-Robert Delbeau>


Performed at Faust Harrison Pianos
205 West 58th Street
NY, NY 10019

A Benefit for The Children's Aid Society

By Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
November 22, 2002

Henri-Robert Delbeau is a physician at Long Island Medical Center and a winner of the 2002 Northeastern Classical Piano Competition for Outstanding Amateurs. He has performed internationally in solo and with chamber ensembles and orchestras. Dr. Delbeau is also an active participant in Argentine Tango circles. A separate interview with Dr. Delbeau will follow. A review of a musical composition by Michael Harrison of Faust Harrison Pianos will also follow.

Rondo in A Minor, K. 511, by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: There is a recurrent theme in this piece, characteristic of Rondos. Mozart was a compositional genius, and Dr. Delbeau brought out the magic of Mozart's creation. This piece was at once Rhapsodic, as well as clear and crisp. Dr. Delbeau was confident and poised throughout the performance of this piece.

Sonata in B Minor, by Franz Liszt: There are religious and literary references throughout this piece. Like waves of passion, the music moves in and out of torrential moods. With striking contrasts, like the duality of nature, Dr. Delbeau generates staccato and stinging passages, followed by those of a mellow and mellifluous mood. One can imagine a blizzard, preceded and followed by an early, soft snowfall. Dr. Delbeau used the full volume and extent of the piano with remarkable bravura. The music of Liszt was ostentatious and complicated, and this performance mastered and interpreted this virtuosity. Dr. Delbeau was barely aware of the audience.

"El Amor Y La Muerte" from "Goyescas", by Enrique Granados: This late romantic piece is inspired by Goya's paintings, and it tells a tale of love and death. There is a somber feeling in this epic work. I heard dissonant pathos and sadness, as well as heavenly portions with emotional depth. Dr. Delbeau has mastered this unusual piece with a heightened sense of both upbeat buoyancy and ultimate tragedy.

Sonata #2 in B-Flat Minor op. 36, by Sergei Rachmaninoff: Dr. Delbeau tore into the keyboard with wild virulence and transported the audience to a hurricane of intensely moving passages and repetitive themes. There were moments of stillness contrasted with forceful interpretations and improvised style. Dr. Delbeau warmed to the audience in this Sonata and interacted through his serious and sensuous performance.

Kudos to Dr. Henri-Robert Delbeau and to Faust Harrison Pianos for their perseverance and organization to mount this and other solo concerts at Faust Harrison. On December 6, 2002, Joanne C. Chang, a classical pianist and professor, will perform pieces by Hindemith, Brahms, Scriabin, Handel, and Shui-Long Ma. New weekly concerts will again commence in the near future.

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