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April Thibeault
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Citigroup Theater
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New York, NY

Jump on the DanceWagon Festival Showcases Six Female Choreographers

by April Thibeault
March 17, 2015
Citigroup Theater
405 West 55th Street at Ninth Avenue
New York, NY 10019
(212) 405-9000
Celebrating its third annual festival, Jump On the DanceWagon (J/DW) returns to the Ailey Citigroup Theatre with world premiere works by up-and-coming female choreographers. Presenting a unique opportunity for contemporary artists to share the stage on a transparent and financially feasible platform, Jump on the DanceWagon is proud to showcase six 20-minute pieces by a group of promising young women—Nicole Buggé (Buggé Ballet), Alexandra Pobiedzinski (danceETHOS), Jackie Kokolus (danceETHOS), Morgan Chambers (danceETHOS), Megan Mizanty (MizantyMoves Dance Works), and Jessie Tomanek (JT Lotus Dance Company).

"So many of today's young choreographers have never been given an opportunity to create what they want without stipulation," says Ellen Stokes Shadle, Founder of J/DW. "They're always limited by external environmental factors including lack of funding, experience, and/or audience, to name a few. There's no shortage of passion, talent and drive. J/DW is about empowering choreographers in trying to balance the myriad factors that go into creating work and building visibility for their voices in the artistic landscape."

Responding to a free call for applications, this year's participants represent a varying array of performance experience, dance backgrounds and artistic influences. Nicole Buggé transports audiences to 1920s Scotland in her fresh, whimsical work The Chicken Went To Scotland featuring six dancers from her NYC-based ballet company, Buggé Ballet. Alexandra Pobiedzinski brings her Allentown, PA-based contemporary company, danceETHOS, for the premiere of three works by Jackie Kokolus, Morgan Chambers, and herself.

Fellow Pennsylvania native Megan Mizanty premieres Until We Get Caught, an unpredictable work that weaves together stories, sounds and songs composed, danced, and sung by five singers/dancers from her NYC-based dance company, MizantyMoves Dance Works. Jessie Tomanek, creator of the unique flex technique, premieres Force, a high energy and engaging piece that exemplifies the hustle and drive required for "success" featuring six performers from her NYC-based JT Lotus Dance Company.


Subject to Change

BUGGÉ BALLET – World Premiere of The Chicken Went To Scotland

Choreographer: Nicole Buggé

Music: David Bixler Auction Project featuring Arturo O'Farrill

Dancers: Ali Block, Michael Gonzalez, Paige Grimard, Andrew Harper, Quincie Hydock and Bo Pressly

Summary: The Chicken Went To Scotland, a new piece by Nicole Buggé, is about three men and three women working en point to tell an energetic and light story between characters about fitting in. Afro-Latin percussion combined with post-bob jazz and traditional Celtic music is the foundation for quick lively movements. The women are "tossed" with ease from one man to another with quick footwork and sassy interactions between the dancers. A vintage and jazzy feel sets the tone for an easy-going, bouncy piece, set in 1920s Scotland. Tensions between the characters are minor, compared to the joy and ease of dancing.

DANCEETHOS – World Premieres of Vim, dystonic and Murmuration


Choreographer: Jackie Kokolus

Music: Moderat

Dancers: Morgan Chambers, Jenning Fischer, Rebecca Glassman, Rachel Halkias, Jackie Kokolus, Alexandra Pobiedzinski and Lauren Sion
Summary: This piece is a powerful tribute to musically driven movement that enlivens and awakens the soul.


Choreographer: Morgan Chambers

Music: Goldmund, Keith Kenniff and Giles Lamb

Dancers: Jenning Fischer and Rebecca Glassman

Summary: This work questions how we deal with the fractured parts of ourselves and the journey we take from noticing them, to struggling with the inner conflict they evoke, to the search for self-escape before we eventually learn to rectify and take ownership of these parts that often oppose our self image.


Choreographer: Alexandra Pobiedzinski

Music: Kreis

Dancers: Morgan Chambers, Jackie Kokolus, Nicole Maliszewski and Alexandra Pobiedzinski

Summary: This piece explores the ebb and flow of independence and human interaction that evolve in times of uprising as one voice influences and is influenced.

MIZANTYMOVES DANCE WORKS – World Premiere of Until We Get Caught

Choreographer: Megan Mizanty

Music: Live soundscore composed and performed live by the dancers

Dancers/Singers: Shan Chuang, Maya Gonzalez, Julie Edwards, Matthew Frazier-Smith and Kendra Slack
Summary: When was the last time you were caught doing something you did not want anyone to see? This piece explores "getting into trouble."

JT LOTUS DANCE COMPANY – World Premiere of Force

Choreographer: Jessie Tomanek

Music: Sigor Ros and Michael Wall

Dancers: Marisa Dolan, Marisha Johnson, Paula Langley, Kirana Peters, Diane Skebec, Zachary Tracz Summary: Force represents the hustle and the emotions of New York City. What people do to get to the highest level of success and the emotion people feel when things fail.

WHAT: Jump On the DanceWagon Festival

WHEN: Friday, April 24 & Saturday, April 25 @ 8:00PM + Sunday, April 26 @ 4:00PM

WHERE: Joan Weill Center for Dance at Ailey Citigroup Theater, 405 W. 55th Street (@ 9th Ave), NYC, Train 1/A/B/C/D 57th/Columbus Circle or N/R/Q/W 57th St or C/E 50th

TICKETS: $25 - $30 General/$15 Student. To purchase, contact Brown Paper Tickets by visiting brownpapertickets.com or calling 1.800.838.3006.

For more information, please visit http://www.ellen-inc.com/jump-on-the-dancewagon-2015/4586783371.
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