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Michelle Tabnick
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LABA Presents DRUNK Other Wine: A Night of Art, Drinking, and Torah, Jan. 12

by Michelle Tabnick
January 7, 2017
14th Street Y
344 East 14th Street
New York, NY 10003
(212) 780-0800
What could be more pleasant and liberating than being intoxicated, and what could at times be more horrid? Are we, by drinking, allowing our "other side" to manifest itself in the open? What happens when we find this "other side" too scary - or perhaps more dangerously, too attractive? All this, and more at DRUNK, LABA's annual art and study fest subtitled Other Wine: A Night of Art, Drinking, and Torah on January 12, 2017 at 7:30pm at The Theater at the 14th Street Y 344 E 14th St, New York, NY 10003.

The intoxicating pairing of fine wine and ancient Jewish text are jolted to life by the contemporary artistic works of this year's LABA fellows at DRUNK. Sommelier and wine merchant for V.O.S. Selections, Ronald Jordan,ancient text scholar and winner of the 2015 "Sapir Prize" for Hebrew Literature. Reuben Namdar, and 10 LABA Fellows will take us through a four course exploration of text and art, present and future, intoxication and cultural clarity. It is through this dichotomy, that we discover the essence of LABA's DRUNK.

Throughout the evening, the 14th Street Y LABA Fellow's work will share an artistic response to the curated wine and provocative Jewish texts. As Fellows explore the theme of OTHER we wonder, can wine be divine? Can wine be demonic?

"There is so much stimulation from these texts and this is an intellectual setting to explore them; I encourage you to taste the wines and taste the texts," said Muszkatblit, attaching a poeticism to the parallels between the literary richness of the passages and the complex flavors of the wines." -NY Blueprint

In a celebration of the Fellow's many artistic disciplines, each artist will have an individual response to "otherness" which is expressed through their own artistic process and unique aesthetic. Performances range from Israeli folk dance to a film on relationships, to the inner monologue of Noah's wife, to drunken identities investigating gender. DRUNK takes the audience member through an immersive experience as they taste wine, watch performances, and learn the text that inspired the evening.

There will be nudity in this performance.

Once the work of the LABA Fellows has concluded, the night continues with more wine, bites, at a post-show reception and curated Silent Auction featuring fabulous items from the world of wine and beyond as well as . For more information and to purchase tickets, visit www.labajournal.com/DRUNK.

LABA Fellows include; Hadar Ahuvia, Laura Beatrix Newmark, Hanan Elstein, Michael Gac Levin, Elana Greenfield, Gordon Haber, Abigail Katz, Michael Leibenluft, Keren Moscovitch, Judith Shulevitz, Gil Sperling. Read more at www.labajournal.com/fellows

The evening will include the follow works:

GIL SPERLING "uncovered"
A video performance inspired by a talmudic text that touches on castration fear and the troubled sexual relation between sons and their fathers.

MICHAEL LEIBENLUFT "I'll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours"
Before there was sex, we were seduced by intimacy, privacy, and secrecy. Reaching back into our earliest memories to find the origins of shame, desire, and difference.

FRANNY SILVERMAN "That's What She Said"
Brief musings on Noah's complicated relationship with leadership, family, and adult beverages from the woman who was there through it all.

This film explores gender, performance and intimacy in an age of deconstruction. A drunken text, devised by drunken identities and read through drunken bodies. We will investigate excess, confusion and carnal hermeneutics.

ELENA GREENFIELD "There is Wine, and There is Wine (The "Other Side")"
Before Babel we lived in a linguistic Eden; utterance, synergy, potency. After Babel we drink and lip sync. With Lizzie Olesker and Eric Borlaug.

GORDON HABER "Drunken Rice"
Excerpts from an as-yet-unnamed story that explores otherness through a Jewish infantryman in combat in the Korean War.

HADAR AHUVIA "Everything you have is yours?"
We'll begin teaching the Israeli folk dance 'My Beloved is Mine'. We start the dance face to face, the Israeli on the one hand the Yemenite appropriated on the other.

$25 ADVANCE // $30 at Door
$75 VIP/Ticket includes welcome glass before the show, reserved seating, and recognition in the program.

About LABA

LABA is a laboratory for Jewish culture in which we use classic Jewish texts to inspire the creation of new art. Developed by the 14th Street Y in 2007, LABA programming includes a house of study, artist fellowship program and LABAlive, a series of performances, public events, and gallery shows for children and adults.

About The 14th Street Y

The 14th Street Y is a thriving and dynamic community center located in the heart of the East Village. Our members have access to over 50 fitness classes per week, lap and family swim times, childcare, pick-up games in our basketball gymnasium and a fitness center filled with a full range of cardio and weight equipment. Membership at the Y also gives you access to arts and culture programming,as well as early registration and discounts on all Y classes and programs like camps, preschool, and Two by Two. www.14streety.org/tickets.

Full Season Tickets and detailed information on shows available at: www.14streety.org/tickets.
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