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Compagnie Hervé KOUBI’s What the day owes to the night takes Audience on an Unforgettable Dance Journey - 2/20/20 by Steve Sucato
Liss Fain Dance's 'I Don't Know and Never Will,' Intriguing but Flawed - 3/4/18 by Joanna G. Harris
Sneaker Suites—A Dance Journey Through Hip-Hop Sneaker Culture - 7/9/16 by Rachel Levin
Compagnie Hervé KOUBI's What The Day Owes To The Night a mix of strength and sweetness - 1/23/16 by Joanna G. Harris
North Carolina Dance Festival 2012 - 9/7/12 by Alyssa Schoeneman
Compagnie Kafig at Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival - 8/15/12 by Toni Bolger
Group de Rua - H3 - 1/10/10 by Steve Sucato
Up and Coming - Marian Horosko's Picks for Late Summer and Fall 2009 (and a few recollections related to Mr. B) - 7/22/09 by Marian Horosko
Feet on the Ground/Aiye — Viver Brasil - 7/3/09 by Rachel Levin
PMT Spring Dance Series: Performance is Key - 4/19/09 by Marilynn Larkin
PMT Dance Series Spring 2009 - 3/28/09 by Pavan Thimmaiah
PMT Dance Studio Performance Workshops 2009! - 1/31/09 by Pavan Thimmaiah
Toscana Capoeira Workshop - 5/23/08 by Luca Postpischl
DanceBrazil – Ritmos (The Dance, The Capoeira) - 4/1/08 by Wes Carrajat
DanceBrazil – Ritmos (The Dance, The Capoeira) - 4/1/08 by Robert Abrams
DanceBrazil's Engaging "Ritmos" - 4/1/08 by Tonya Plank
Parsons Dance - Ring Around The Rosie, Caught, Wolfgang, Hand Dance, Nascimento Novo - 12/10/06 by Jennifer Wesnousky
Dance Brazil - 3/12/06 by Jennifer Wesnousky
Jane Comfort and Company - Persephone, Three Bagatelles for the Righteous, Underground River - 10/9/04 by Robert Abrams
A Celebration of Dance in Ithaca, New York - 4/28/04 by Robert Abrams
DanceBrazil - Anjo de Rua, Eleuther, Missão - 4/21/04 by Robert Abrams