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Baryshnikov Arts Center
Guerin's Split Leaves Attentions Divided - 10/17/18 by Mindy Aloff
Roy Assaf Dance Riveting in New York Debut - 10/20/17 by Bonnie Rosenstock
Jody Sperling/Time Lapse Dance presents the New York Premiere of Book of Clouds, June 7-10 - 5/26/17 by Michelle Tabnick
Summation Dance's Second Annual New York City Season - 1/30/12 by Michelle Brandon
Last Night Stand - "Véronique Doisneau" (a film) and reflections on career transitions for dancers - 3/9/09 by Marian Horosko
Othershore— "small earthquakes along the way," "Lift," "The Snow Falls in the Winter" - 10/9/08 by Lori Ortiz
Buglisi Dance Theatre – Requiem, Sospiri, Caravaggio Meets Hopper, Three Vintage Waltzes, Interplay No. 9. - 5/19/08 by Marian Horosko