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How to Write a Good Dance Review
Dancing with tenses - 8/15/14 by Lewis J Whittington
New York City Ballet - La Stravaganza - 2/3/09 by Robert Abrams
Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes - "Pointe" Editor-in-Chief Virginia Johnson and Reviews Editor Robert Johnson laid off at McFadden Media - 1/26/09 by Lori Ortiz
Dance Critics Association Conference to be held June 13-15, 2008 at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC - 6/12/08 by Dance Critics Association — Sponsored by Dance Critics Association
Help a Reporter - a great resource for reporters looking for sources and sources looking for reporters - 3/25/08 by Robert Abrams
Reflections on Cultural Differences in Perception of Facial Expressions and Possible Application to Approaches to Understanding and Reviewing Dance Performances - 3/22/08 by Robert Abrams
Reflections on Tango as an Aide for Parkinson's Patients - 2/17/08 by Robert Abrams
Sallie Wilson Rehearses Lilac Garden (Abstract) - 1/12/08 by Mindy Aloff
Online Balanchine Catalogue - 12/9/07 by Robert Abrams
Exemplary Long Form Dance Writing - Alastair Macaulay's 'So Many 'Nutcrackers,' So Little Time' - 11/18/07 by Robert Abrams
A Question About Reading - Specificity and Wandering as applied to dance reviews - 10/27/07 by Robert Abrams
Dance Writing Workshop at the New York City Center Led by Brian McCormick for New York City Public School Teachers in Conjunction with the Paul Taylor Dance Company Season - 2/10/07 by Robert Abrams
Dance Watching/Writing Tips - 10/17/06 by Brian McCormick
Some Tips on How to Write a Dance Review - 10/17/06 by Robert Abrams