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Santa Monica, CA
Dance Theatre of Harlem Program Makes Memories - 4/25/18 by Jessica Abrams
L.A. Dance Showcase Sees The City's Dance Through A Wide Angle Lens - 8/27/13 by Jessica Abrams
Mother. F***er. - 10/14/12 by Lucy Pollak
The History of Black Dance in America - 2/25/12 by Rachel Levin
4 Headed Dance III - 4/3/10 by Rachel Levin
Female Dancer/Immediate Replacement - needed in Santa Monica, CA - 3/31/10 by Louise Reichlin
Salsa at the Monsoon Cafe in Santa Monica, California - 8/31/08 by Alex Mendieta
Reflections on the Expression of Emotion in Post-modern Dance through a Partner Dance Perspective - 6/26/08 by Robert Abrams
Salsa at the Monsoon Cafe - 6/25/08 by Robert Abrams
Go Metro… – LA Public Transit Dramatized Through Dance - 5/20/08 by Rachel Levin
Quality at Zanzibar - 2/5/08 by Rachel Levin
contra-tiempo - I Dream America - 2/10/07 by Briana Blasko, Jenn Tamera