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Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
Inside Perspectives
Argentine Tangos
United States
New York City
New York
New York, NY

Cecilia Saia - Argentine Tango Performer, Dance Teacher, and Now Mother

by Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
March 3, 2003
New York, NY

About the Author:

Cecilia Saia - Argentine Tango Performer, Dance Teacher, and Now Mother

(See Photos of Cecilia Saia and Ronen Khayat by Martin Villa)
(See Interview of Ronen Khayat)

Interview by Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
March 3, 2003

March 3, 2003, with Cecilia Saia and her new baby boy, Isaac Saia-Gluck, in her Upper West Side apartment, decorated with stuffed animals and baby bouncers, to welcome this exciting time in the midst of a career as a world-renowned Argentine Tango Performer and Teacher. Cecilia teaches Tango at DanceSport Latin and Ballroom Dance Studio at 60th Street and Broadway, NYC, 212.307.1111. Cecilia widely performs with Ronen Khayat of DanceSport and is known, in her own right, as one of the most sensational Tango artists in the world. She has a hot, sizzling style and melts her partner and the audience, as they watch her dancing, which is sultry, sensual, and exciting. Isaac's style is calm and content. Cecilia Saia is the subject of this Inside Perspective.

This interview is exclusive and unedited.

Cecilia and Isaac

REZ - How old is Isaac now?

CS - He's three months now. (He was born on December 3, 2002).

REZ - Are you putting Isaac into Child Care?

CS - No. I like to spend time with the baby, because this moment is never repeated again. You have to live every moment as if it's the last one. You can't leave things for tomorrow. You can leave the stupid things (like laundry).

REZ - What is the most special and newest part of this experience for you?

CS - I couldn't stop to cry, when I saw him the first time. The nurse asked why I was crying, and I said because I'm so happy. I was in labor 36 hours. At 7AM I start to have contractions. At 7PM I went to the hospital, and they sent me home. I went back the next day at 2PM and had Isaac at 6PM.

REZ - I love the way you're playing classical music. It's good for Isaac to hear music, while he's a baby.

CS - I try to do everything. Bob (Isaac's father) buys all the toys in the store. He brings books and everything. I think he's (Isaac) very smart.

REZ - Tell me how often you speak Spanish or English with him.

CS - I speak Spanish to him all the time, because everyone else speaks English to him. My family cannot speak English, so he needs to speak Spanish.

CS - I always was thinking of me. The freedom you have before, you have to change. You have company for a few years, and you cannot live alone. I don't even have a dog before. This is new-someone to take care of. What you give to the baby is important. I want to have a family, and this is the best thing for the baby. Before, I was thinking I cannot have a family. With a child, I change my point of view of life completely. You have to have a career, too, and then experiment. You need a passion in life. If you stop doing things, you might blame the baby.

REZ - How do you juggle?

CS - He (Isaac) stays with me, if I have to rehearse and if I practice. I bring the baby bouncer. People always stop to see him. Ronen (Cecilia's dance partner, Ronen Khayat) is a good friend. He's very patient and helps me to carry the baby.

REZ - You have to see the interview I did with Ronen (See Interview). He says you turned him into an animal, when he dances.

REZ - So, how will you juggle your career?

CS - I teach three days/nights each week. I have a babysitter, and Bob watches the baby. I teach my privates (lessons) on the same days.

REZ - Tell me about your family in Argentina.

CS - They have been very surprised I have the baby, and they're very happy for me. It's very difficult for them to come here.

REZ - Where do they live?

CS - In Buenos Aires, and I have a sister in Bariloche, in the mountains. In the summer it's beautiful there. I will go in April with Bob.

REZ - For how long?

CS - Ten days. This is Isaac's second trip. I went to Seattle last week to dance, and I took him with me. Ronen was there.

REZ - Where did you perform?

CS - In the Mini-Theater at Seattle University (Meany Hall for the Performing Arts).

REZ - What performances are coming up?

CS - In July, I'll be in LA and perform with the musician, Romulo Larrea.

REZ - Do you play Tango for Isaac?

CS - He comes with me to rehearse, and he listens and watches.

REZ - Who are your favorite composers?

CS - I like Pugliese and Piazzolla. I like Maria Graña, a singer.

REZ - What are your career goals?

CS - I don't think I will be so intense. I want to keep performing. I would like to be an actress, too, and would love to do a Tango play.

REZ - What are your goals for Isaac?

CS - I hope he finds passion, like I found with dancing, that he recognizes what the passion is, and that he works for it. And, to be a good person and caring. I would like to see him dance with ABT (American Ballet Theater) (See Stage Door Candids with Cecilia Saia and Julio Bocca). He will be tall and beautiful. I would like to thank all of my students and the people in the USA, who gave me love and the opportunity to work, doing what I love to do—dance and teach.

REZ - Thank you so much. Ciao, Isaac, Ciao.

Isaac laughed.

Cecilia at Bailemos Tango in February at the 92nd Street Y

Cecilia and Ronen in Close Embrace at the 92nd St Y in February

Cecilia and Ronen last summer, 2002, at SPICE Festival

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