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by Daniel Carpi
August 8, 2002
New York, NY

For Immediate Release

Contact: Daniel Carpi (212) 924-7077



For the last 5 years, "DanceTango.com" has been presenting the most successful series of tango evenings in New York. Founded by Argentine-born Daniel Carpi, the production group has come a long way from its origins as "The Nomad Milonga" in the Lower East Side's Clemente Soto Vélez Cultural Center and, later on, at the now-defunct Café Passione, in New York's bohemian West Village and at SOB's

What was originally just a group of friends who enjoyed listening to and dancing tango soon became a major undertaking. The idea started with the interest of Daniel Carpi in Bringing tango out to public places where tango dancers could find a social scene where to dance and mingle with the regular public. That is how the first social tango dances or "Milongas" started in NYC about 6 years ago.

At that point, mid-1996, some of New York's best tango bands, like the New York Tango Trio, the Enrique Quagliano Tango Trio, singer Isabel de Sebastián and pianist Bob Telson, had generated a large following of Latin American, European, Asian and even African fans.

Renowned New York-area dancers like Valeria Solomonoff and Tioma, Rodrigo and Gabriela, Carlos Duarte and others also became regulars of the tango scene, and were soon in demand to give tango lessons.

Carpi took his show to S.O.B's, perhaps New York's most celebrated world music spot. "Sunday Night Tango at S.O.B's" debuted on January 26th, 1997.

Its huge dance floor was an irresistible magnet for tango dance lovers. Valeria's Sunday evening lessons, followed by live music and dance shows, contributed to give the place a growing popularity. The experience, which lasted for about eight months, established Carpi's "DanceTango.com" as the best tango production in New York.

In the spring of 1997, a tango night at the Argentine Consulate General drew a crowd of more than 600 people. Simultaneously, the return of tango shows such as "Forever Tango" and "Tango x 2", plus the relative success of Madonna's impersonation of Evita Perón, made tango a popular dance again in New York.

Alternating with the production at S.O.B's was another show Carpi began presenting every other Friday at a stylish place, the restaurant La Belle Epoque in the Village. In the summer of 1997, the entire "DanceTango.com" production was moved to this spot, featuring tango lessons and live music-cum-show every Friday evening.

Ever since, its dance floor has seen some of the best international tangueros swirling and kicking their intricate tango steps, and dazzling the crowds in the process.

Among them, Carlos Gavito, Mariela Franganillo, Diego and Carolina, Marcelo Varela (all of them stars of "Forever Tango"), Roberto and Guillermina (choreographers of "Tango" with Julio Iglesias), Facundo and Kelly, Armando and Daniela, German master teacher Brigitta Winkler, and many others.

DanceTango.com, is currently featuring the successful Friday Night Tango series at the elegant La Belle Epoque Restaurant, 827 Broadway (between 12th and 13th Streets) in Manhattan.

The evening starts at 7:00 PM with a tango lesson for beginners, continues from 8:00 to 9:00 PM with intermediate and advanced students and, from then on, with shows, performance and dancing. The classes are taught by such celebrated teachers as Alberto Paz and Valorie Hart, Brigitta Winkler and others.

Currently, Friday Night Tango is presenting two Tango bands that is making the delights of both newcomers and seasoned tango dancers.

TANGUARDIA—a traditional tango formation with Tito Castro on bandoneón, Pancho Navarro on guitar, Leonardo Suarez pPaz on Violin and Bob Telson on Piano

THE NEW YORK TANGO TRIO with Pablo Aslan on Bass, raul Jaurena on Bandoneon and Maurizio Najt on Piano.

The elegant, turn-of-the-century decorated La Belle Epoque is one of the Village's most renowned restaurants, with exquisite Continental cuisine and an excellent bar. Its "art noveau" ambience is unique in New York, so the place has become a favorite for tango aficionados.

The stage at La Belle Epoque has presented bands such as New York's Tanguardia, the New York-Buenos Aires Connection and the renowned all-women Buenos Aires-based quartet Las Tangueras.

"DanceTango.com", plans future productions importing Argentine bands like Tangata Rea, Rodolfo Mederos and the Quinteto Real, and the New York-based Pablo Zigler Quintet, soon to debut at La Belle Epoque.

* *

"DanceTango.com", New York's foremost tango production group, is now offering new services for tango parties, as well as weddings, shows, concerts and other events.

Partly responsible for New York's relentless new passion for tango, "DanceTango.com" has organized successful shows at trendy night spots such as S.O.B.'s, Novecento, Tavern on the Green and La Belle Epoque, Nells, Argentinean Consulate, Frigate Libertad, among others.

"DanceTango.com" has also taken pride in presenting the New York Tango, the New York-Buenos Aires Connection, the Enrique Quagliano Trio, Isabel de Sebastián and Tanguardia, and the celebrated Buenos Aires-based quartet Las Tangueras, which had a resounding success at Lincoln Center and La Belle Epoque in the summer of 1997.

Producer Daniel Carpi organizes special tango parties and can provide live tango music for weddings, office parties and other special events. Their expertise is also ideal for fund-raising events, as well as tango parties combined with tango lessons for the ever growing number of aficionados of the South American dance.

For more information, photos and additional materials, please call (212) 924-7077 or write to lamilonga@dancetango.com

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