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Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
Inside Perspectives
Argentine Tangos
Pierre Dulaine Dance Center
United States
New York City
New York
New York, NY

Interview with Pablo Veron

by Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
September 13, 2003
Pierre Dulaine Dance Center
25 West 31st Street, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10001
(212) 244-8400

About the Author:

Interview with Pablo Veron

(See Pablo and Partner, Noel)
(See The Tango Lesson, Film Stills)

Bailemos Tango
(September, 2003, Pablo Veron Workshops)
Pierre Dulaine
25 West 31st Street

By Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
September 13, 2003

Two years ago, I had two wonderful private lessons with Pablo Veron. I loved Sally Potter's film, The Tango Lesson, starring Pablo and Sally, and own this Sony Classics Video and some of the haunting Tango music from the film. Tonight, I had the privilege of interviewing Pablo at Pierre Dulaine Dance Studio at the weekly Bailemos Tango Saturday night Milonga, hosted by Danel and Maria. We sat at a small bistro table, overlooking the dancers and music. Pablo is a joy to be with, to dance with, and to watch on film. In addition, he is an extremely cultured and sophisticated artist with a social conscience and a personal/professional network that expands the globe. Pablo Veron is the subject of this Inside Perspective.

Pablo Veron and Roberta Zlokower
Photo courtesy of Ira

REZ: For how long will you be in New York on this visit?

PV: Until the beginning of October.

REZ: What brought you back this time?

PV: Now I come to give some lessons and to take some lessons. I like New York.

REZ: What kind of lessons are you taking?

PV: Afro-Cuban dance.

REZ: Tell me about your current projects.

PV: I'm just coming from Germany, from the Open German Championship Ballroom Competition in Manheim. They invited me to do a performance with Noel.

REZ: She's wonderful with you. Do you still see Sally Potter?

PV: She just finished a new film, partly in Cuba.

REZ: Are you also performing dance in other kinds of music, other than Tango?

PV: I just did a show in Montreal with Afro-Cuban music included.

REZ: Tell me more about your current work.

PV: In July, I performed in Festival Tango Via in Paris. I was the only one who lives in Europe, who performed. The others were all from Argentina. In fact, Rubén Juarez, today's Gardel, performed. He's one of the most talented and sings with the bandoneón. Another composer and musician, Pane, was there.

REZ: Did you see Assassination Tango, (See Zlokower Review) Duvall's film? Yes, and I saw it with friend's eyes.

REZ: It's so great to have you back.

PV: I like New York so much. I breathe here. It's more open. It's a city of dance and music, especially North, Central, and South American music.

REZ: You mentioned something earlier about the difficulty these days with terrible things happening in the world.

PV: Sometimes I feel it doesn't make any sense to be so enthusiastic, when I see the world is so…It is difficult for me to keep hope…In Argentina there are so many children with no nutrition, because of the international way of using money. The problem is how there is no humanity. Sometimes it is difficult, when so many terrible things are happening. I would like to find ways to help more. It's the only logical way to act.

When I went to Paris for the Tango Festival, we earned 150,000 Euros for UNICEF in one night. Famous people were there, like Lagerfeld and Gaultier, who came to say thank you to me for performing for this event. This was wonderful.

Special Workshops with

Monday Classes at Faisel's - 743 8th Ave. bet 46th & 47th Street
Sept. 15th & Sept. 22nd
from 8-10pm
Tango & Vals - $40 per Monday
Movement & Musicality
Intermediate to advanced Level

Saturday Class at Bailemos Tango - 25 W. 31st St. - 4th Floor
Sept. 27th from 8-9:30pm
Tango - $30
Style, Movement - open class from Adv. Beginner to advanced level
The material will build so that everyone with get something out of this class
for further info. 718/325-6579 or email: bailemostango@yahoo.com

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