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West Sumatran Tari Piring - Plate Dance with Master Artist Amalia Suryani

by Angelina Hines
January 7, 2015
Simple Studios
134 West 29th Street
2nd Floor Room 207
Manhattan, NY 10001
Tari Piring originates from West Sumatra, specifically the Minangkabu. In Islamic West Sumatra the traditional dances have secular, ceremonial functions: to celebrate harvest time, welcome guest, or to honor a new village chief. Tari Piring incorporates everyday movements, such as wirk in the rice fields and the preparation of food. This dance symbolizes the farmers' daily activities and is an expression of their joy and gratitude for an abundant harvest.

In this workshop, students will learn how martial art components are combined with the technique of balancing and flipping plates in the tari piring dance. At the end of the workshop, students will be able to do the basic movements and body postures associated with tari piring: kuda-kuda (horse stance), tagak basitumpu (cross legged stance), tagak itiak (duck stance), tagak gantuang (one legged stance)and handling plates while dancing (tupai bagaluih)

West Sumatran Tari Piring - Plate Dance
with Master Artist Amalia Suryani
Saturday, February 7th 10am -12pm

Location: Simple Studios 134 West 29th Street 2nd Floor Rm 207
$30 per person advanced regsitration
(must be signed up by Jan 31st)
$35 per person (Feb 1 - Feb 7)

See Amalia Suryani perform in our upcoming event World in the City: A Comparision of Two Indonesian Styles. Demonstration/Performance on Sunday, March 1st at 4pm at the Faison Firehouse www.lotusmusicanddance.org/tickets for more info.
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