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Jessica Sherr
Performance Reviews
Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre

The Dancer's Life starring Chita Rivera

by Jessica Sherr
February 10, 2006
Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre
236 West 45th Street
New York, NY 10036
(212) 239-6200

The Dancer's Life starring Chita Rivera

Jacob Schoenfeld Theatre
New York, NY

Jessica Sherr
February 10, 2006

Chita Rivera dazzles audiences with her high kicks and rhythm, but she also touches the hearts of every audience member. Chita's sense of honesty and truth are rare to find, but she doesn't hesitate to share herself with her audience. I did not feel as though I sat in the audience of a Broadway Theatre, rather Chita invited me to share her intimacies as though I were sitting in her living room. I felt as though she were talking to just me. Chita's talent as a performer has been history for years, but her talent as a human being is eternal. Chita relates to her audience in a very human fashion, she recognizes that it is no easy road to the top and she is still striving at 72 to make her way up.

Chita's style and command of the audience is breathtaking. She guides each audience member through her life adding humor, sarcasm, song, and dance. We, as the audience, are rooting for this woman, cheering and encouraging her to show us what she's got. Chita's energy fills the house. I found myself smiling throughout the entire performance because I too was part of her dream.

Theatre is about allowing a person to escape their own lives and imagine themselves somewhere else, well Chita certainly takes us for a ride. She is on the stage for over 2 hours and we are with her the whole time excited to see her create absolutely wonderful numbers. "All that Jazz" will always hold a special place in my heart because I saw Chita bring every word to life. I feel that I have shared a very special moment with Chita and her show is more than theatre, it is a story of life, inspiration, and she will forever live in our minds and hearts as a wonderful performer.

Chita Rivera in The Dancer's Life
Photo courtesy of Paul Kolnik

We had dinner at Zuni. To make it a multi-dance, after the show was over Robert Abrams and I went to Providence for West Coast Swing.

(A synopsis of the show.)

Public relations for Chita Rivera was by Barlow Hartman.

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