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Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
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An interview with Cesar Coelho, star of "Swango, the fusion"

by Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
October 4, 2002
New York, NY

About the Author:

With Cesar Coelho
of SWANGO… The Fusion

By Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
October 4, 2002

Cesar Coelho,www.CesarCoelho.com.ar, cesartango@hotmail.com, is a star of Swango…The Fusion (www.swangoproductions.com) at Swing 46, 46th Street, between 8th and 9th Avenues, every Thursday and Friday nights, through the month of October, and maybe longer. Cesar is a teacher and performer at Dance Manhattan, NYC (www.dance-manhattan.com). Cesar and Mayte Valdes, his translator and companion, joined me after the Show, outside Swing 46, on Friday October 4, 2002. Also joining us was George Lilly, a Swango fan.

Cesar Coelho dances with Mariela Franganillo

Photo courtesy of Lisa Allen

REZ - How did you get involved in Swango?

CC - I met Mariela (Franganillo) a couple of years ago, when we were involved in Forever Tango. Hector (Del Curto) her husband, played the bandoneon. I danced with him playing. Then there was a break in the show.

REZ - How long have you danced Tango?

CC - I have danced Tango for five years. I'm still a student of Tango. I also studied Modern Jazz. My uncle and aunt in Buenos Aires, Noemi Coelho and Rodolfo Olgino taught me Jazz.

REZ - Where are you going with Modern Jazz?

CC - I did a tour of Argentina of Modern Jazz Ballet. I was based in Buenos Aires.

REZ - How many years did you work in Modern Jazz?

CC - I worked for three years, 14 - 17 years old, and then I started with Forever Tango.

REZ - When Swango is completed, what are your plans?

CC - I will return to my country. I have many things to do there over Christmas and the Holidays. This year I will be with my family for the Holidays. For the first 15 days, I'll be in Tampa, Florida for a Workshop and then in Buenos Aires.

REZ - Tell me about your family.

CC - My whole family dances. The Principal dancers of Teatro Colon are Miriam and Oswaldo Coelho. Oswaldo is a real Milonguero, and he gave me the base for Tango.

REZ - And your mother?

CC - I started to dance Ballet with my mother, when I was ten years old. My mother was a children's Ballet teacher.

REZ - Do you attend Ballet in NY?

CC - I take Ballet at Broadway Dance Center, and, at Steps, I take Modern Jazz and Ballet.

REZ - Do you consider yourself mainly Modern Jazz or Tango?

CC - Jazz, for me, is only for stage or rehearsals. With Tango, I like the social aspects.

REZ - What has the Swango experience been for you?

CC - It has been very nice. I have the support to find something different. There is improvisation in each show.

REZ - What was the Argentina experience like?

CC - As a child, I went to many spectacles and shows. I went to Teatro Colon to see Copelia, as a child. My cousin danced as a Principal in Copelia.

REZ - Are you happy here in NY?

CC - In the beginning it was so hard for me. I was moving constantly. Now, I'm settled, and everything has happened here. I'm at Dance Manhattan on Mondays, teaching intermediate and private lessons.

REZ - So, it will be sad to leave your friends.

CC - I will come back. I have many things to do here. First of all, I have to grow up. Each year, I have a different experience. Now, I'm growing up.

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