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Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
Inside Perspectives
Lincoln Center
United States
New York City
New York
New York, NY

Backstage with the American Ballet Theatre Fans - One Year Reunion

by Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
June 20, 2003
Lincoln Center
Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, Inc.
140 West 65th Street
New York, NY 10023

About the Author:

Backstage with the American Ballet Theatre Fans - One Year Reunion

(See ABT Stage Door Interview and Candids, 2002)
(ABT Website)

By Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
June 20, 2003

June 20, 2003, Inside the Stage Door Entrance of the Metropolitan Opera House, about midnight, hushed and humid, I was joined by Marianne Stegeland, Lois Kirschenbaum, Tommy Ng, and Adam Jagusiak. (See June 20, 2003 Candids below).

REZ: So, Here we are, one year later! Same place, same people, same ballet stars! This is so exciting. What's new?

Group: We didn't see enough of José (Carreño) or Angel (Corella). We know one of them had neck problems and did not appear that often, something to do with lifts. Julio (Bocca) danced his last Romeo with (Alessandra) Ferri on May 29. Marcelo Gomes sat with me (Marianne), Angel, Keith Roberts, and Gil Boggs. In Romeo (Romeo and Juliet), the male Principal is out there, every single act. For a man, the role of Romeo goes first. For a woman, Odette (Swan Lake) goes first.

If you look at the pieces, Odette is in all three of the four acts. There are more leaps and jumps (in Swan Lake) for the woman. (For the male in Romeo) the lifts are so demanding in the dances with the harlots, the fencing, and even in the roles of Mercutio, (There's so much challenge).

REZ: Who was promoted?

Group: Xiomara Reyes is now a Principal, Erica Cornejo is a Soloist, and (more announcements are being made.) And, Joaquin (De Luz) is going to NYC Ballet, after the Met Season. Sandra Brown is said to be leaving, and (Guillaume) Graffin will be listed as Ballet Master, but will continue to take the supporting, theatrical roles, like the mother in La Fille (Mal Gardée) (See May 24, 2003 Review). He has more opportunities now as a teacher.

REZ: What did you think of Hereafter? I was so upset to have missed it.

Group: (My) girlfriend thought it was Jazzercise. It seemed to have so much promise. Good people, good works, but not enough.

REZ: Did you see Ashley Tuttle's (ABT Principal) performance in Movin' Out? (See Zlokower Movin' Out Review).

Group: We actually went to see John Selya. His dancing was great.

REZ: What about Artemis? (See ABT Review).

Group: The Greek night at ABT was much too long. I think this piece (Artemis) will work better with Dream. Both have an ethereal quality. But, it's really not one of the best pieces. The cast coming up next week for Dream and Artemis is great. There are some (role) debuts.

REZ: Thanks again, and we'll get together right here next year!

Photos by Roberta Zlokower


Marian Butler, Corps Dancer

Joaquin De Luz, Soloist

Joaquin and His Fans

Marcelo Gomes, Principal

Julio Bocca, Principal, Signs for His Fans

Julio Bocca, Tommy, Lois


Tommy, Nadia, Lara

Ethan Brown, Soloist

Nina Ananiashvili, Principal, Celebrates Ten Years with ABT

Nina and Tommy

Nina, Closeup

Lois, Adam, Tommy, Marianne

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