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Social dancing at the Ballet Hispanico 2015 Spring Gala - Milena Alberti-Pérez and David Pérez, recipients of Ballet Hispanico's Civic Inspiration Award, inspire on the dance floor.
Robert Abrams

Special Focus

GroundWorks DanceTheater in Eric Michael Handman's 'Remora.' Photo courtesy of GroundWorks DanceTheater.

Performance Reviews

Graciela Kozak with Igal Perry after receiving the Executive Crystal Award for 30 years of contribution to the dance community. Photo courtesy of Peridance Capezio Center.

Interviews and More

Jenna & Mark Salsa dancing
Joanne Zimbler


Janet Strukely-Dziak as Odette in Olmsted Performing Arts' 'Swan Lake.'
Ken Cavanaugh


Everything You'll Need: The Rev. Mervin Oglethorpe (John Vessels), center, sings 'Everything You'll Need' with the Singing Sanders Family (from left) Burl Sanders (Bob Payne), June Sanders (Sarah Hund), Dennis Sanders (Will Boyajian), Vera Sanders (Pam Pendleton), Dennis Sanders (Brian Gunter) and Denise Sanders Culpepper (Christina Rose Rahn) in Beef & Boards Dinner Theatre's production of Smoke on the Mountain: Homecoming. This sequel in the popular bluegrass gospel series is on stage through Aug. 16. Tickets include Chef Odell Ward's dinner buffet.

Press Releases

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